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Friends of Nixon, through the support of the Stamford Methodist Church, have donated a Voluson I Ultrasound machine together with relevant accessories and supplies to the hospital.

Over a period of 4 months staff including 3 midwives and the medical doctor underwent a programme of training to ensure safe and competent use in basic obstetric ultrasound. They were taught through both classroom based small group tutorials and hands-on supervised scanning sessions.

The introduction of this new service will have a significant impact on the care the hospital can provide to pregnant women who attend the hospital. It will enable women to know an approximate due date to prepare for, together with identifying twin pregnancies, problem with the placenta and variations in how the baby is presenting such as when the baby is breech. Knowing this key information should help improve the safety and outcomes for both expectant mothers and their babies. 

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As a result of the introduction of this service, an increasing number of women have starting choosing to have their antenatal care and subsequent labour care at the hospital.

The key staff involved provided positive feedback on the opportunity to develop a new skill and the impact it was beginning to have on the women they looked after. 

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An ultrasound report proforma was designed with staff, as was a hospital specific poster on the 6- step basic ultrasound process to act as an aid memoire.

Follow up is anticipated within the next 6-12 months. 

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