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Providing higher education bursaries


After successful applications from the hospital, we have supported a number of local staff in further higher training to return and contribute those skills back into patient care.

FoN is currently supporting one nurse to further her expertise by gaining the 'State Registered Nurse (SRN)' qualification. Rachael Koroma is in her final year and near to completing her training. the hospital looks forward to welcoming Rachael and her new skills back on to the wards.

Over the last year, several of the current staff have chosen to sit or re-sit their WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination) in order to gain the qualifications they require to apply for further of higher education courses. we look forward to hearing from those staff in the next few years with applications and aspiration for further training that will improve the skill mix at the hospital.

Staff names of those who we have supported and have now completed to follow!

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