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We have recently funded the introduction of 20 CRADLE Vital Signs Alert (VSA) devices to improve blood pressure monitoring at the hospital. The CRADLE machine was developed to enable accurate vital signs measurement in pregnant women in low-income settings. It can also be used for non-pregnant patients.

The CRADLE acronym stands for “Community blood pressure monitoring in Rural Africa & Asia: Detection of underLying pre-Eclampsia and shock.”

It is semi-automated blood pressure device and has an inbuilt validated traffic light system to detect both dangerously high blood pressure or low blood pressure (shock).

This pilot project, funded through Friends of Nixon, commenced in January 2021, delivered 20 devices for use at the Nixon Memorial Hospital. It aimed to familiarize nursing staff with the device, improve the accuracy of recording vital signs and, as a result, improve clinical care. 

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In collaboration with the hospital, a workshop for 20 staff members was held on the 20th January 2021.

This workshop covered:

  • Why taking blood pressure and pulse is important (including an overview of hypertension, bleeding and sepsis in pregnancy) 

  • How to use the CRADLE device 

  • What to do with the results/traffic lights & appropriate management of abnormal vital signs (Covering management of hypertension in pregnancy and shock (low blood pressure) due to bleeding or infection. 

  • Trouble shooting, maintenance and common errors 

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